[Budget Inks] Mimaki Eco-ES Eco-Solvent Compatible Ink (440 mL) - Magenta

Ink Type Eco-Solvent
Ink Color Magenta
Ink Volume 440 mL
Printer Brand Mimaki
OEM Product Number ES3 / SPC-0400MG
Compatible Printers
  • CJV30-60
  • JV3-75SPII
  • JV5-130S
  • JV33-130
  • CJV30-100
  • JV3-130S
  • JV5-160S
  • JV33-160
  • CJV30-160
  • JV3-130SPII
  • JV5-320S
  • JV33-260
  • JV3-160S
  • JV3-160SP
  • JV3-250SP
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