Ink Space Pretect® DPX1000 Direct-to-Garment Dark Pretreatment

Ink Space Pretect® DPX1000 is a ready-to-use DARK pretreatment for DTG printers that is specially formulated to achieve higher imprint quality and more vibrant colors with durable washability. Its exceptional performance invites all direct-to-garment printers such as Epson F2000 & F2100, Brother GT3, GT-5 and GTX, and more!

Key Features Wider Application Window Reduced Crystallization Fast Gelling Advanced Washability
Instructions 1. Apply Ink Space Pretect® DPX1000 evenly onto the garment
  • Target between 18-22 grams per 14" x 17" print area
  • Reduce the PT amount for lighter and/or thinner garment
  • Increase the PT amount for darker and/or thicker garment
  • 2. Cure Pretreatment
  • Set heat press temperature at 330°F (166°C) with medium pressure
  • Heat press the pretreated area for 30-60 seconds or until dry. Recommend first 30 seconds and two 20 second presses.
  • TIP: Parchment paper should fly off when heat press pops open. If not, it means it's not completely dry. Forcefully peeling the sticking parchment paper will create rough white underbase print surface resulting in low imprint quality. Providing well dried off & nicely pressed garments are the key to great results!
  • Shelf Life 24 months
    Storage Dry, cool place at a temperature of 50°F - 85°F away from direct sunlight and heat
    Note Customer testing is recommended to optimize pretreatment results.