Dupont Artistri P5000 Epson Based DTG Printer Ink Bottle (1000 mL) - Magenta

Dupont™ Artistri® Brite pigment inks provide high-quality colors with consistent reliability to help streamline direct to garment (DTG) workflow and repeatability.

Significantly improves color range and everyday direct to garment printing production repeatability and significantly streamlines your direct to garment (DTG) workflow.

P5003 is a fabric pre-treatment product for application onto dark-colored cotton t-shirts that enables efficient and consistent printing combined with bright, wash-resistant color prints.

P5010 is a fabric pre-treatment product for application onto white cotton and polyester shirts.

Specially designed for DTG decorators and fulfillment houses who want to move to digital printing but need a faster more reliable process that provides high quality and repeatability.

Dupont™ Artistri® Brite inks support the next generation industrial printers that print up to 3X faster.

Compatible Printers
All American Neoflex Heatpress Inc Nexus
Neoflex 2 Katana P600 Express
Neoflex 800 P600 Pro
Anajet FP-125 M&R Digital i-Dot 2100
SP200 i-Dot 4200
Sprint M-Link OV1
Belquette FlexiJet Melco Melco G2
MOD 1 Melco G3
DTG Brand HM1 MelcoJet 2010
Kiosk MS Brand MS-One
Kiosk 2 MS-Zero
Kiosk 3 MS-Two
M2 PolyPrint SA SuperJet
M4 TexJet
Summit DTG TexJet Plus
Viper DTG Resolute DTG TJet-i3
Easy T Easy T DTG TJet-R4
Fast T-Jet Blazer Express TJet-R5
Blazer Pro Sawgrass Advantage
TJet (SDT-1000) Spectra Spectra 3000
TJet 2 (SDT-1200) Spectra 3000
TJet 3 (SDT-1300) Spectra 3880
TJet Jumbo TexMac TexMac Solo
Free Jet 330 TX Veloci-Jet Veloci-Jet
550 TX Veloci-Jet XL
700 TX

Dupont™ Artistri® P5000 Brite Textile Ink SDS

P5910 - White

P5100 - Cyan

P5200 - Magenta

P5300 - Yellow

P5400 - Black